Q: In an event giving rise to an insurance claim, insurance company appoints a loss adjuster to act on their behalf, can I appoint a loss adjuster to help?

A: Yes. You can appoint a loss adjuster to act on your behalf. Insurance claims can be tedious and often required special technical knowledge to understand, especially involving complex business interruption losses. An experienced loss adjuster will provide you professional guidance and support in the handling of your claim. For business entities, engagement of a loss adjuster (claimant adjuster) allows you to focus your internal resources on recovery of business. The claimant adjuster you have engaged will assist you in the resolution of your insurance claim and his scope of work may include coordinating emergency activity, preparing the details of your claim, liaising with the different parties involved in your claim and negotiating the method and amount of settlement.

Q: Where can I get a loss adjuster to assist me?

A: In many instances, loss adjuster companies do not normally accept instruction from policyholders due to potential conflicts of interest as many of them are in the panel of adjusters of major insurance companies. BI Consulting is established by a qualified chartered loss adjuster of more than 30 years working experience in loss adjusting and claims management to provide claimant adjuster service to policyholders.

Q: What are the benefits of appointing a Chartered Loss Adjuster as claimant adjuster?

A: Chartered Loss Adjusters are experienced Claims Professionals who have achieved the highest qualification in claims through examination. They are members of the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters and so expected to behave in accordance with the Institute¡¯s Guide to Professional Code of Conduct.

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